Flickr Comments Story Challenge – N is for Nautical

N is for Nautical.  I love taking pictures of boats.  If I didn’t get so darn seasick I would think that living on the sea in a cozy cabin rocking gently and reading or knitting would be a perfect life.  Of course, I don’t like to fish or clean fish, so maybe just sitting at the dock and living close to a grocery store would be great, too.  A lot of people do it.  I can tell these boats are not the stay at dock types.  These are fishing boats I saw in Alaska when I was on a whale watching tour.  Aren’t they beautiful?

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far

This was taken on the White Pass Train in Alaska.  What a wonderful trip that was.  Talk about near and far.  I have so many wonderful memories filled with those type of images and photos.  My favorite Near & Far memory was riding a draft horse across the Tundra.  It was a rough and mucky ride and not at all like riding across the plains like the Bonanza opening credits.  It took forever to get back to the ranch… It looked near but it was actually far… never seemed to get closer.

A-Z Archive Challenge – The letter W

Once again I appreciate the fact that these photos are supposed to come from our archives.  It gives me an opportunity to revisit photos from the past and brings back many wonderful memories.  If you would like to see more examples of the A-Z Challenge click the red button.

The “W” that kept appearing in my archive was Walkway.  So I have included a few.

The photo above was taken in Newport, RI.  It was one of those beautiful days that can only be seen at the ocean.  Everything blue with splashes of sunshine.

This photo was in the Carolinas.  So many special memories there.

One of my oldest and also one of my favorite photos.  I was standing in one of those lifts that electrical repair workers use to repair the high/hot wires.  This one was fully extended right next to the marsh…. a light wind would have blown us over.  I am not so brave now.

This walkway is in Wilmington, NC.  The island beyond is Wrightsville Beach.  And there are two more W’s  Wrightsville and Wilmington!

Now to start searching for the X archives….