Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

These photos all depict something that makes me happy.  First of all, photography makes me happy.  Editing and creating photos makes me happy.  The photos are in no specific order, but family and grandchildren make my life very happy.  I love the water whether it be ocean, lake, river, stream or even the bathtub.  I love taking photos of animals, gardens and nature in general.  It takes me outside of myself and stills my mind.  I love travel and absorbing new sights, sounds and knowledge. I also love books, knitting and quilting, but I will save those for another time.

This has been fun learning to use the gallery skills.  I will be sure and try it again.  For more Happy photos go here.

Flickr Comments Story Challenge – N is for Nautical

N is for Nautical.  I love taking pictures of boats.  If I didn’t get so darn seasick I would think that living on the sea in a cozy cabin rocking gently and reading or knitting would be a perfect life.  Of course, I don’t like to fish or clean fish, so maybe just sitting at the dock and living close to a grocery store would be great, too.  A lot of people do it.  I can tell these boats are not the stay at dock types.  These are fishing boats I saw in Alaska when I was on a whale watching tour.  Aren’t they beautiful?

For more N stories visit here.