Weekly Photo Challenge – Mine

I can’t help it, the first thing I thought of when I thought of mine was my son.  From the moment I found out I was pregnant he was mine.  All through his childhood I photographed his every smile and accomplishment.  He was mine.  I knew one day someone else would come along and steal his heart, but the little boy would always be mine.  He is a grown man now and not so much mine anymore… and that’s the way isupposed to be.  He now has a wife and a son with curly blond hair, a winning smile and I know he looks at him and wonders  “he’s mine!”


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

I have thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Each week presents a different challenge, a different way of viewing something.  It is so much fun viewing others’ work, too.  This week the subject hands was tough.  I love hands, but don’t photograph them much.  I tend to focus on the faces.  Here are some weak attempts.
This photo wasn’t actually taken by me.  It was taken by my son right before he became a father for the first time.  That hands are those of his wife and his mother in law.  It was a rough labor and her mother is giving her comfort and strength.
This photo was also taken by my son.  It is his son – brand new.  Very emotional for all of us.
Finally, one taken by me.  This is my husband’s hands holding our newest grandson.  He has large hands and tends to carry babies like footballs.  It is a very secure way to carry them and surprisingly, the babies are calmed by it.  I love the contrast of the fingers.  Now those fingers are always dirty.  He’s 20 months old and into everything.  He will be visiting this week and I know I am going to get some photos of those hands… probably filled with little cars.

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