Flickr Comments Story Challenge – N is for Nautical

N is for Nautical.  I love taking pictures of boats.  If I didn’t get so darn seasick I would think that living on the sea in a cozy cabin rocking gently and reading or knitting would be a perfect life.  Of course, I don’t like to fish or clean fish, so maybe just sitting at the dock and living close to a grocery store would be great, too.  A lot of people do it.  I can tell these boats are not the stay at dock types.  These are fishing boats I saw in Alaska when I was on a whale watching tour.  Aren’t they beautiful?

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Weekly Story Challenge – K

Flickr Comments Story Challenge this week is the letter K.  In this house K stands for knitting and when we get to Y it will stand for Yarn.  Open a closet and there is yarn.  Look for a place to sit and you might have to move aside a knitted project.  I am a trifle ADD and knitting helps.  I knit while I watch tv, I knit while I listen to my books, I knit in airports, on the plane, at the beach, I knit on our Alaskan cruise… I knit anywhere.  I like my hands busy.

My grandmother would be surprised how much I enjoy it.  She was the afghan queen.  I never knitted while she was alive, but I am sure she hears the needles clicking just like I listened to the rhythm of her knitting when I was a child.

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Story Challenge – Letter J – Joy

Joy – This little guy brings us so much joy.  There is nothing better than to hear him calling “Nana” or “Pop-Pop.”  He kisses us on his iPad when he Skypes with us.  His nonsensical conversations are music to our ears.  We appreciate so much that his parents have made the time to include us so much in his even though we live a long distance away.  He fills us with Joy.

First photo not taken by me and first photo of me on here… probably last, too.

Story Challenge – Letter i

This may be stretching the “I” a little, but here goes.  One of my favorite things at the Indiana State Fair (I) is the Lite the Night with the hot air balloons.  It is the night before the big balloon chase.  They fill the balloons up keeping them tethered to the ground.  When the sun goes down it looks like a beautiful stained glass landscape.  This is actually at dusk, but the it appears lighter.  I chose this particular photo because the balloon almost says it is from Bloomington, Indiana (I).  That’s my story and that’s my stretch.