Pinterest – A great new picture filing system for the memory challenged

“Nothing fixes a thing so intensely in the memory as the wish to forget it.”

 – Michel de Montaigne

The last few months I have been working on a relatively new product called Pinterest.  At first it was an addiction.  It was like easy scrap-booking with no paste, no paper, no expense and no mess. I was pinning everything on the web I loved.  Cute animal photos, funny comics, wonderful quotes, homes I can’t afford, items I would buy if I ever won a really big lottery.  Wow!  It was wonderful.  I soon realized it had become a time hog.  It was sucking up hours of my time with no real purpose.  And then the lightbulb went off!  I discovered it’s real worth.  It is a fabulous organizer, sorter of valuable information with links to tutorials, important facts, books I want to read and more.  It was going to be my saving grace to organizing my desk and my mind.

The epiphany really came when my boss agreed with me that Pinterest might be a really cool thing for the library to have.  He asked me to make a mock up copy.  Gleefully I set to work.  I was a pinning machine.  I started creating boards that would be useful and fit things that we offered.  As I arranged and rearranged I realized I should be doing this with my own.  So I did.

I have a tech position in a library and need to stay up on all the latest changes.  Every other day they are changing the eBook downloading procedure, updating apps that we use at the library, changing databases that are in use, coming up with new ideas to make life easier.  So much to read and so little time.  To give you an idea… this how I start my work day:

  • Pour myself a cup of coffee – so important
  • Log in to the network and company email
  • Log in to personal email
  • Log in to gmail account and open Google +
  • Pour another cup of coffee
  • Log in to Twitter
  • Check FaceBook and see if OverDrive Media has made any announcements that would change our downloading procedures. (and maybe peek at a few status remarks from people I know, used to know and have no idea who they are)
  • With Windows 7 and my wide monitor I can split my screen in two and work on the left side and monitor my stream of techie/librarian/life hacker/authors/Pioneer Woman and a few other tweeters on the right hand side.

Now I’m ready to work on no less than three projects at a time and still keep up with all that is important in the technical world.  (I followed the NEW iPad intro on Twitter and Google + both!  Should I be embarrassed to admit that?)

  • Pour my last cup of coffee.  Sigh.
Oh, a Tweet just came across with a new online photo editor that is free and is better than Picnik!  This is where the beauty of Pinterest comes in.  I follow the link from my Twitter feed and it leads me to PicMonkey!  I don’t really have time to play with this at work, but I take a moment and determine, yes, it realy is cool!  I need to spread the word…. later.  So!  I pin it in my Neat Photo Ideas board in Pinterest!  I now have the picture seen below and the link to the website.  It isn’t written on a random piece of paper, placed in a bookmark I will never find, copied and pasted in a document that will be lost in the mass column of random docs in my multitude of folders.  It is in Pinterest and others can see it and share it too!  I am spreading the word and keeping my sanity.  Now I can find it easily this weekend when I have time to play with it.

Click on the picture and it will take you to the website.  Just like on Pinterest!