Shredding and Tossing

Last summer my husband, sister-in-law and I flew to AZ to clear out my mother’s house.  We had to move her to a dementia oriented nursing facility and the house needed to be cleared out and sold.  It was something I would never want to do again and never want my kids to have to do.  With this in mind we have been shredding and tossing. (BTW – I intentionally made the b&w photo blurry… in my mind it was old technology… therefore blurry black and white. 😉 )

The local library had a shredding day so I convinced my husband we could throw away 30+ years of his sales reports, taxes predating 1990, grocery receipts and other items taking up huge amounts of room in the basement.  The local high school was also collecting electronics so out went an old tv, computer, monitor, speakers and wires.  I didn’t stop there.  I went through the toy closet.  Not to throw away.  My grand kids would have a fit.  I have an amazing collection of Playmobile, Brio and Legos.

I spent the afternoon sorting through the pieces and pulling out old crayons, wrappers, broken matchbox cars (oh, forgot to mention those… lots and lots), lost puzzle pieces and more.  Some of the Lego sets were still intact and other in chunks and pieces.

It brought back many wonderful memories of children’s voices as they vocalized the story line of their play.  I can’ wait for the grand kids to visit and plow through the organization of my afternoon and make a creative mess.  It’s been too long.

(All photos were taken with my iPhone using Instagram and Photo+.  Obviously, they looked better on the small iPhone, but you get the picture.)

Which digital is from a Nikon D80 and which is from iPhone?

I love photography.  I love looking at the world through a lens, I love the quiet that surrounds you as you hunt for just the right shot.  I love playing with the photos afterwards…. the ones that need a little help.  What I don’t especially love is lugging all the heavy equipment around.  I had been shopping for a small digital when we decided to get the iPhones.  Bingo!  If there is a camera app I think I have it.  I have had more fun with it.  Now the test.  I took the same basic photo with Nikon D80 with a AF-S Nikor18-105 lens.  Which is which?

For those familiar with the two it is probably very easy to tell which is which.

The first photo is the iPhone.  Look at how vivid the colors are!  I know I could tweak the colors in the Nikon shot, but I wanted to compare them shot for shot.  Pretty good for the iPhone.  They really are two distinct looks.  One very vivid the other more subtle and fine.

This clematis was also taken with the iPhone.  It is a strange flower to photograph and I used a different app.  It didn’t do well with Instagram so I used Photo+.

The second is the Nikon shot.  As you can see it is an oddly unphotogenic flower.  It really looks slightly out of focus even in person.

This last shot didn’t do well at all with the iPhone.  I think it was the contrast in the very fine details and the broad expanse of white petals.  It couldn’t decided where to focus and it just didn’t work.  Plus it was after 7:00 in the evening so the light was waning.

All in all a very restful way to end my work day  In the garden with two cameras playing.