I Can Hear You Now!

Look what I bought today!  This is a photo I took of my new iPhone accessory.  I was walking through Urban Outfitters and admiring all the cool stuff when I saw this.  I had missed out on an opportunity to buy it for a really great price through Groupon, but now here was another chance to get it!  I had to get the blue to match my phone cover.  If you are interested I would suggest buying one online… I found one for about $20 cheaper here.  It won’t come with the cool Outfitters bag, but… it leaves $20 in your pocket!

I love my iPhone and I hate my iPhone.  I hate that I have trouble hearing on it… which is why I bought this…. and I can hear a little bit better although I am not totally sold on how well it works.  The plug is a little touchy and it is somewhat awkward to carry around.  My sister in law suggested I get one of those old fashioned shoulder supports to prop it up against my ear so I can drive hands free.  Can you imagine explaining to a policeman in Chicago that yes it is hands free driving.  Nothing funnier than taking top end Apple technology and mixing it with retro phone gear.  It makes sense to the boomer generation!  Looks hilarious, but it might work.

The other thing that I am not crazy about is how my iPhone bounces around deciding it is going to make random phone calls, or it switches to Siri (I finally turned her off.. she kept interrupting me at all the wrong times.).  I have tried to lock it… that was no fun either.  But, I will live with the little frustrations just because of all the really cool things it has brought into my life.  More later.

An FYI – the top photo was touched up using PicMonkey.  I love that program.  There are some really cool Retro filters and textures. Do you notice the crosshatching?  That’s just one of their textures and you can control the intensity.  The original photo was not that good because it is very overcast today and the natural light was awful.  I am a sometimes impatient photographer and I wanted to get this posted, so I pulled it into PicMonkey and played around and really like the results.  Disclaimer – I do not own stock or know anyone involved with PicMonkey.  I just like the website.  I know it won’t be free forever so go now and have some fun!