Why Am I Here?

Sounds pretty heavy, but don’t read to much into it.  The question is asking why am I here in the blogosphere.  What am I trying to say?  What do I hope to accomplish? The answer is … I don’t really know.  Lame, right?

Why am I here?  I started blogging way back in the 90’s.  I used a site out of England that I stumbled on, I can’t even remember the name of it.  I was following a photographer.  He graciously walked me through many of the steps.  There was a lot more html involved back then. I wasn’t quilting or knitting then so it was mostly the lure of photography that got me out there.

In 2001 my last child flew the coop and all of a sudden I had a lot of time on my hands.  Enter knitting and quilting and all kinds of doors opened.  I met many great online friends.  A few I have actually visited.  It’s strange when you physically meet someone.  There is no awkwardness, after all, you’ve been having a conversation for quite a while.  It’s like meeting an old friend.

I was excited when I found WordPress.  There was another community.  Knitters, quilters, photographers, readers, you name it.  It was more flexible than some of the other blogging options.

What am I trying to say?  There is no one direction on my blog.  I love the photo challenges and seeing other people’s perspective.  The international scope of some of the challenges is especially thrilling.

My quilting is a hobby, not an art form or a way to make a living like many of the quilting blogs.  The same can be said of the knitting.  I am working on the same blanket I was over a year ago.

So, my message is not clear.  I don’t even chronicle my life… that could be messy!  I guess my title shows what I was thinking when I started this particular blog.  The Best Years Are….  Are they ahead?  Behind me?  Or are they right now?  I guess I show snippets of my life… no bad stuff.. that would be a downer now wouldn’t it?  Should I dare?

What do I hope to accomplish?  I guess my expectations were low.  I just wanted to connect.  Whether through photography, quilting, knitting or just being a parent and grandparent.  I have done some of that, but not as much lately.  My blogging friends are the old ones.  I haven’t really put it out there much lately.

I intentionally didn’t use photographs this time.  I find we get lazy and just look at the photos and not the words.  So, this is where I start.