Weekly Photo Challenge – From Every Angle

From every angle.  Perfect. Today I went to our small downtown area to our Farmer’s Market and to visit some of the local artists’ demonstrations.  The weather was perfect.  I had recently met a local artist by the name of Lambeth W. Marshall.  She is a potter and a painter and a very interesting woman.  I knew she was throwing pottery on a wheel today and wanted to see her in action.

“E Concrematio. Confirmatio–out of the fire comes firmness, through stress we pass to strength.”
― Charles F. Binns

Lambeth W. Marshall demonstrating throwing clay pots.
Lambeth W. Marshall demonstrating throwing clay pots.

It was very interesting to watch her hands as she developed the pottery.  This was my straight on angle.

Just starting.
Just starting.

Now I switched over to the left side to get a closer view of her hands.

lambeth hands2 small

This is pretty much the same angle, but I was fascinated with how quickly the shape changed.

lambeth hands3 small

This angle is over her shoulder.  Anybody else thinking of the movie Ghost?  Unlike the movie, I never saw Lambeth’s hands magically become cleaned… remember that part?lambeth hands4 small

Working my way over to the right side.  She has now worked the pot taller again.

lambeth hands5 small

She patiently thins the walls of the vessel.

lambeth hands6 small

Now she is creating interest by creating the irregular line in the vase.

lambeth hands7 small

And once again creating interest by creating “dimples” in the surface.  Once glazed these will create some interest in the color, too.

finished pottery small

And the last shot is from the top looking in so the dimple can be viewed from the inside.

I really wanted to throw a pot, but she made it look so easy and I know it isn’t.  Great activity to watch.

From Every Angle

9 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – From Every Angle

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  2. These are an amazing set of photographs. The movement of the potter’s wheel seems to be captured in juxtaposition to the potter’s hands…. and what hands! a great series for ‘from every angle.’

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