Backyard Bird Wars

One of the great advantages of being temporarily retired is I get to start each morning on my back porch with a cup of coffee and a book.  I bring along knitting and my camera just in case.

One of our friends actually at rest.

This morning was no different than the others.  I was greeted with the background clamor of the cicadas.  I have learned to tune them out, but after the quiet of the house it is hard to ignore.  I sit in my favorite chair and put my feet up and watch the action.  The hummingbirds are at it.  They perch above the feeder in the adjacent trees and watch for anything to get close to their food source.  Some days it is so frenzied I fear my husband may have put a little something extra in the hummingbird brew.

An unusual photo of a female woodpecker perching. Wish the photo was better but it was really bright out this morning and you take these when they happen.

We have three bird feeders in the backyard and a bird bath.  The birdbath doesn’t see a lot of action other than the deer drinking from it and toward evening some well fed dove gather for a meet and greet and exchange gossip while soaking their feet.

Back to the layout.  Closer to the house we have the hummingbird feeder on a black metal post with two arms.  On the other arm is the finch feeder.  I don’t know if the hummingbirds are rubbing off on the finch or if they, too, are territorial, but every once in awhile they will get feisty and start a little bird battle.

bird stop

In the woods, hanging from a tree, is our “all the rest” bird feeder.  It seems “all the rest” can and does include squirrels.  I wouldn’t mind, but their weight swings it around and most of the grain ends up on the ground.  Hmmmm, have I watched too many Chip and Dale type cartoons?  I am sure this is their plan.  My husband is trying to scare them away.

The tree feeder attracts doves, cardinals, an occasional blue bird, and my favorite, the woodpeckers.  I could do a whole blog post on the woodpeckers because they are fascinating.  For the most part, the birds are so used to us they don’t take flight when we come out on the porch.  I think their birdsong even changes when the food gets low like they are telling us to get our rears in gear and feed them.  Happy Times~

Enjoyed this essay on Backyard Bird Wars


“Anyone can take an adventure even if it’s only in your own backyard. Let your imagination be your adventure and see where it takes you.”
― Carmela Dutra

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