Basketball Weekend – Duke University

I am a big college basketball fan.  And as it happens, Duke is my favorite.  We were lucky to get seats or standing room for the last meeting between Duke and Maryland as an ACC competition.  While waiting for the game we walked around the beautiful campus.  Above is the Duke Chapel.

We enjoyed the campus and then on to Cameron to experience the Cameron Crazies and the unique experience that is a Duke home basketball game.


The Cameron Crazies were wild and ready for the cameras with their wild apparel, looks and signs.  The theme was Maryland leaving the ACC for the Big 10.

coaching moment_2_lighten sponge_smWith all the yelling and commotion going on around me, it was nice to take note of this quiet teaching moment.

huddle4_smWhile there are no  bad seats in Cameron…. some seats are definitely better than others.  Tough game and luckily the score ended with Duke in the lead…barely.

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