It’s a New Day!

“Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”
L.M. Montgomery

So a lot has happened since last I posted.  There is quite a bit new in my life.  New house, new town, new state, new car, new camera, new job and definitely a new outlook.

This morning I woke early and looking through the half opened door to my bedroom wondered what was lighting up the room.  I got up and looked.  The sunrise was peeking through the blinds.  I guess it wasn’t as early as I thought.  I am usually up before the sun… but this is Sunday.  You probably think I then went and picked up my camera and took a beautiful shot of the sunrise.  Right on one count, I took a picture, but, no beautiful shot.  Hmmm.  New camera and I haven’t really done a great job of learning about it and setting it up for me.  I picked up my little mini-pad (what an awful name for a wonderful invention) and decided now was the time to learn.  The house was still quiet and there would be no interruptions.  I snuggled back into bed and googled Nikon D90 tutorial.

Gratuitous photo
Gratuitous photo

I found an excellent tutorial and the gentleman had a very pleasing English accent.  I will definitely be watching more of his videos.    It was rberryphotography if you would like to subscribe to his channel.   This is the link –


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