Weekly Story Challenge – K

Flickr Comments Story Challenge this week is the letter K.  In this house K stands for knitting and when we get to Y it will stand for Yarn.  Open a closet and there is yarn.  Look for a place to sit and you might have to move aside a knitted project.  I am a trifle ADD and knitting helps.  I knit while I watch tv, I knit while I listen to my books, I knit in airports, on the plane, at the beach, I knit on our Alaskan cruise… I knit anywhere.  I like my hands busy.

My grandmother would be surprised how much I enjoy it.  She was the afghan queen.  I never knitted while she was alive, but I am sure she hears the needles clicking just like I listened to the rhythm of her knitting when I was a child.

Go here and see what K means to others.