A-Z Challenge – V

So I’m a few days late.  Life has been busy.  Now to the V and where to go to see more of the same.  This is a challenge hosted by Flickr Comments by Frizztext and you will want to go and see more examples of V.


V is for vegetable and one of my favorite places to take photos – a farmer’s market.

Brussels sprouts – never tried them… probably never will… I think they look cute, but not at all appetizing.

Now peppers I love.  Raw or in a fajita or anything… so good.

If I recall correctly, these photos were taken at a farmer’s market in the Chicago burbs.  My sister in law, Chris, would know for sure… that is her stomping grounds.  She just called and told me it was the French Farmer’s Market in Wheaton, IL.

And finally the pumpkins!

5 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – V

    1. Thank you. Someday, when I retire, I will have time to play more with my photography. I loved what you did with your ripples photo! Went so well with the quote, too.

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