Weekly Photo Challenge – Today

Right up front I am going to confess to “kind of” cheating.  I didn’t do this on Friday, the official day for the Weekly Photo Challenge, because I knew today I would have a new toy to play with.  So Today I am going to post my Today photos!  My new toy is an early birthday present.  My birthday isn’t till the end of the month, but people kept asking me what I wanted.  Don’t ask, you will be starting something.  So I thought about it…. and decided I wanted the AF-S DX Micro 40mm f/2.8G lens.  Now once I start thinking about camera toys I get impatient.  Pretty soon I decide to just buy it myself and family can get me perfume or lotion or a card.  They decided they best get it for me early. (I wonder if it is too early to make my Christmas list?)  Anyway, this is what I saw today…

These are in full glory today.  Yellow is sometimes a bit tough to capture because it is so reflective, but we have a cloudy day today.

A closer look.
A touch of pink…
A close up of one of my hydrangeas.
This last one is one I have been playing with in Elements and PhotoScape.  I wanted to make a card and I’m still not happy…. need to play some more.  And that is my today!

To see others or to join in the fun Click Here!

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Today

    1. Thank you. The camera is not new… I can’t afford the camera I want, but the lens is new and it is going to be one of my favorites… at least in the warm weather.

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