A-Z Archive Challenge – The letter W

Once again I appreciate the fact that these photos are supposed to come from our archives.  It gives me an opportunity to revisit photos from the past and brings back many wonderful memories.  If you would like to see more examples of the A-Z Challenge click the red button.

The “W” that kept appearing in my archive was Walkway.  So I have included a few.

The photo above was taken in Newport, RI.  It was one of those beautiful days that can only be seen at the ocean.  Everything blue with splashes of sunshine.

This photo was in the Carolinas.  So many special memories there.

One of my oldest and also one of my favorite photos.  I was standing in one of those lifts that electrical repair workers use to repair the high/hot wires.  This one was fully extended right next to the marsh…. a light wind would have blown us over.  I am not so brave now.

This walkway is in Wilmington, NC.  The island beyond is Wrightsville Beach.  And there are two more W’s  Wrightsville and Wilmington!

Now to start searching for the X archives….

A-Z Challenge – V

So I’m a few days late.  Life has been busy.  Now to the V and where to go to see more of the same.  This is a challenge hosted by Flickr Comments by Frizztext and you will want to go and see more examples of V.


V is for vegetable and one of my favorite places to take photos – a farmer’s market.

Brussels sprouts – never tried them… probably never will… I think they look cute, but not at all appetizing.

Now peppers I love.  Raw or in a fajita or anything… so good.

If I recall correctly, these photos were taken at a farmer’s market in the Chicago burbs.  My sister in law, Chris, would know for sure… that is her stomping grounds.  She just called and told me it was the French Farmer’s Market in Wheaton, IL.

And finally the pumpkins!

Weekly Photo Challenge – Today

Right up front I am going to confess to “kind of” cheating.  I didn’t do this on Friday, the official day for the Weekly Photo Challenge, because I knew today I would have a new toy to play with.  So Today I am going to post my Today photos!  My new toy is an early birthday present.  My birthday isn’t till the end of the month, but people kept asking me what I wanted.  Don’t ask, you will be starting something.  So I thought about it…. and decided I wanted the AF-S DX Micro 40mm f/2.8G lens.  Now once I start thinking about camera toys I get impatient.  Pretty soon I decide to just buy it myself and family can get me perfume or lotion or a card.  They decided they best get it for me early. (I wonder if it is too early to make my Christmas list?)  Anyway, this is what I saw today…

These are in full glory today.  Yellow is sometimes a bit tough to capture because it is so reflective, but we have a cloudy day today.

A closer look.
A touch of pink…
A close up of one of my hydrangeas.
This last one is one I have been playing with in Elements and PhotoScape.  I wanted to make a card and I’m still not happy…. need to play some more.  And that is my today!

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