Weekly Photo Challenge- Blue

Sara from The Daily Post at WordPress  has posted the new weekly theme and it’s BLUE!


Every year, at the opening of the State Fair, I try and attend the Night the Light where they set up the balloons and light them up as the night sky darkens.  This was taken a few years ago.  Now they wouldn’t let people this close.  I loved taking pictures of the insides of the balloons.  Bet you CAN guess what this balloon was about…


This photo was taken the next morning when the balloons were taking off.  I think I permanently ruined by neck taking this shot.  Again, they won’t allow you to get this close.


And this last photo had to be the blue blue sky of Newport, RI.  We were just driving around and came across a number of kites.  It was wonderful.  Sea air, blue sky and colorful kites.

If you would like to join in the challenge or view other photos click on this link to the challenge page.  I especially love the blue domed roofs in Frizztext’s photo.


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