A garden in transition…

A garden is always in transition, but some are harder to watch than others.  I hated to see the lilacs go, but they left behind lush green bushes and some beautiful …. are they seeds?

Then came the clematis and peonies…

The clematis will stick around most of the summer blooming on and off, but the peonies create a glorious burst of color and then fall apart….

The greenery it leaves behind loses it’s color and becomes wilted looking.

There are still some new buds waiting to open,  but they will be gone by next weekend.

This is the last of the iris.

I guess I’m waiting on the day lilies now.  My day lilies, while beautiful to view are not very photogenic.  The double yellow is blinding and the burgundy are hard to capture.

I decided today that my best photos are taken with a tripod.  I can’t seem to hold as still as I used to… who am I kidding… I’ve never been able to hold still.  Today’s shots were taken with a tripod… except for the first one.

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