A-Z Archive Challenge – S

I have enjoyed taking part in two different photo challenges – 1) Weekly Photo Challenge and 2) A-Z Archive Challenge.  Both of these have afforded me the excuse to ramble through the archives kicking up ,memories and smiles.  So the letter S:

S is for Squirrel.  Fun to watch but deadly destructive when they break through your attic.  They are not welcome visitors in our yard or our home.  I prefer to enjoy them in the yards of others.

S is also for statue or sculpture.  This one is located in Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina.

S is also for sad… or at least trying to look sad so grandma will feel sorry for him.  My only brown eyed grandchild and he knows how to use them.

And finally, S is for stripes…. or maybe stairs (he’s standing right next to them) or how about smile!  S stands for so sorry for all the gratuitous grandchildren photos, but you have to sneak them in when you can.


OOOpps!  So sorry… I just read the small print that said one photo!  Aaahhh… next week I promise.

16 thoughts on “A-Z Archive Challenge – S


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  3. I so love all the grandchildren photos! They look glorious! I especially love the ‘sad’ photo. These are all lovely pictures, thanks for sharing them. 🙂

      1. Hi there! Yup! GatheringBooks is my website – I share it with two other beautiful and creative individuals (Fats and Iphigene). Yes! We’re on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter. 🙂 And Goodreads and Shelfari. Haha.

      2. Yup! That’s it. 🙂 Although technically, the GatheringBooks team is based in three different countries. I am based in Singapore, Fats is based in San Diego, while Iphigene is based in the Philippines. Makes for a very diverse and creative group! 🙂

      3. Hmmm.. that’s a tough question. We all review YA lit extensively, although I do more picture book reviews than YA. To answer your question though, It’d be Fats and myself, I think, since Iphigene focuses more on adult lit – although she also reviews quite a number of YA as well. 🙂 I hope that wasn’t too confusing, hehe.

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