Fun with Filters

Photography has been a big part of my life since I can remember.  Somehow I got Photography Editor for my high school yearbook.  That brings back some memories.  It was my first experience with a 35 mm camera.  I haven’t looked back.  My kids always refereed to me as the paparazzi, but they loved seeing photos of themselves and their friends.  Now they are all gone and I traipse around looking for unusual sites to frame and capture.

I also like to play with photos using special effects and filters.  The following photographs show what I have done using Photoshop Elements and a photo editor called PhotoScape, which can be downloaded from the Internet for free.

I started with this photograph taken at the old Purdue farm.  I loved the shapes and textures of this building.  Using Elements I lightened it a little so that all the different textures and patterns would stand out.  I then pulled it into PhotoScape.

I used a couple of the filters to create more of a drawing or sketch look and then used one of the frame techniques and voila!  It focuses the eye on the most dramatic part of the photo.  I printed them as note cards.

That same day I took the photo below.  It has a few filters, but not as dramatic of a change.

It was worth all the bug bites and scratches from climbing around an old abandoned farm.


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