Move over George, make room for Scotty!

When I grew up television was young, there were no computers to speak of and one’s imagination was a wonderful tool.  Books were a ticket to another world or just over the rainbow.  But then TV went from black and white to color.  The Flintstones arrived on the scene followed closely by the Jetsons.  I was entranced by the Jetsons.  Push button living, flying cars, sky high vistas and tv phone!  Jetsons had Skype!  I didn’t even know then what Skype was, it wasn’t invented, but I wanted it! I have it now and I love it.  Every long distant grandparent needs Skype and the iPhone.  We have spent many a Saturday morning talking with our kids and grandkids and laughing just like we were there with them.

Still no flying cars and robots haven’t taken over the cleaning duties, but we’re moving closer. Technology is moving quickly and I have to say I can’t wait until air travel is replaced by the simple command, “Beam me up, Scotty!”

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