An apology to the author

On an earlier post I was giving a brief review on a book I was reading – A Life of Bright Ideas by Sandra Kring.  I gave it a ho hum review even though I was barely into the book.  Unlike some readers, I tend to keep on plodding through books looking for something to speak to me.  I have revised my review… still in the early pages.   The book has spoken to me.  I found a passage that is quiet and powerful and that passage alone makes the book worth reading to me.

  “Whatcha doing, Uncle Rudy?” I asked, saying exactly how I used to..
     “Just sitting here being with the breeze,” he said.
     Other than a glance up to make sure the sky was clear as I hurried down the steps, I hadn’t noticed anything about the day’s weather.  I paused, feeling the air, then asked, “What breeze?”
     “Close your eyes, ” Uncle Rudy said.  “You gotta be still, though, or you won’t feel it.”
     I sat up straight and did as he instructed, turning my palms up.
     At first all I felt was the sun warm on my skin, but then I felt it.  A breeze so soft it was like an echo from a whisper.
     “See?” Uncle Rudy said quietly.

I loved that moment.  Hopefully we all have those moments where we really stop and absorb the total experience of our surroundings whether it be a beautiful day, a family gathering filled with the chatter of many voices, a beautiful garden or painting, or a song that brings with it memories.

(Photo taken in Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina.  It was one of those days.)

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