Quote – Marcel Pagnol

I love Pinterest!  I love it because I have been introduced to so many creative ideas and quotes that I would never had time to find before.  I follow people with the same likes and make them do all the work.  How can that not be a great thing?  Anyway, I love the quotes that show up.  This one hit home.  I am fixated on the future.  Retirement is right around the corner, will we be okay?  Do we have enough money?  Have we planned well enough?  I have no idea what this says to anyone else, but that last line basically hit me between the eyes and said, Hey! it doesn’t matter how well you plan, s#@% can happen!  And so it can.

(Words of wisdom – Marcel Pagnol, background – my photograph of a pending storm in Charleston, SC.  By the way the storm never came.  We were hosting a rehearsal dinner at the Charleston Maritime Center and the storm was all around us but all we got were a few drops.  See?  There is the silver lining.)

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